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Are you having difficulty managing your fleet operations in Bahrain, a marketplace of business and commerce? Now, there is no need to worry because Najoom Al Thuraya is here to serve you in Bahrain after achieving the trust and satisfaction of its clients in the UAE.

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking System Bahrain

We are pleased to announce that after serving countless clients with our advanced GPS vehicle tracking devices and services in the UAE, we are now here to ensure efficient fleet operations in Bahrain.
With Najoom Al Thuraya’s advanced GPS vehicle tracking company in Bahrain, it is easy to monitor your automobile location, route monitoring, fuel consumption, and temperature monitoring, ultimately giving you peace of mind and serenity. Now, it is no more difficult to track the real-time location of your automobiles with our GPS Tracker Company in Bahrain.

Ensure Effortless Tracking With Our Web Tracking Platform

Ensure the safety of your automobile and its valuables with Al Thuraya’s web tracking platform, which helps with route monitoring, real-time vehicle insight, efficient fleet operations, and automobile maintenance reminders. If you are a businessman managing the shipment of valuable products, you must agree that time is money.

Our tracking platforms’ user-friendly interface makes it easy to track the status of your automobile. We have designed our web tracking platform by considering the issues businesses, organizations, and individuals face. Whether our web platform or mobile app, we revolutionize the automobile monitoring system that helps companies achieve better revenue. Experience the wonders of our web tracking platform by managing your fleet operations remotely.

Al Thuraya’s web tracking platform
Vehicle Tracking APP

Specifications Of Our Vehicle Tracking APP

Besides Al Thuraya’s exceptional GPS Tracking Services, we are happy to introduce our vehicle monitoring app. Our automobile monitoring app has a user-friendly interface that saves your time and ensures your fleet’s safety and efficiency. It is specially designed with smart GPS Technology, which helps monitor the exact location of automobiles, gives instant notifications, and monitors fuel usage and driver behavior. Ensure your business achieves its goal and maximum success by implementing our automobile monitoring app, which has transformed the monitoring system.

Discover Peace of mind with our vehicle tracking solutions!

Experience the power of our vehicle tracking solutions in Bahrain. We provide comprehensive and cost-effective GPS tracking services, including fuel monitoring, fleet management, asset management, school bus tracking, temperature monitoring, logistics tracking, cold chain solutions, and driver behavior monitoring. We use advanced technology that provides real-time insights into your commercial fleet operations. It enhances safety and efficiency. You can trust us to deliver customized solutions that fulfill your needs. Contact us to optimize your fleet operations and secure your assets.

24/7 Support

Our experienced staff are available 24/7 to resolve your concerns about vehicle security and status.

Whatsapp Alerts

Ensure fleet safety with instant WhatsApp alerts in case of overspeeding, excessive fuel usage, and harsh braking.

SMS Alerts

Reduce the chances of vehicle damage by getting instant updates on Harsh Braking & Fuel usage via SMS.

Mileage Report

We give weekly and monthly reports about the distance your automobile has driven, which ultimately provides insight into the driver's working hours.

Geo-fencing Alert

Our tracking app instantly generates alerts, whenever your automobile enters or leaves the predefined area, minimizing misrouting.

Our Remarkable Features

Live Location Tracking

Ensure the efficiency of your fleet operation and minimize fuel costs by having real-time insight into its precise location and movement.

24/7 Call Center Support

Our technical team is available 24/7 to resolve issues our clients face regarding automobile monitoring by reporting on location history.

Geofence Alerts

It will help you to take necessary action regarding your automobile entry or exit from a predefined boundary by notifying you on time.

Multiple User Login

Monitor the location and status of your automobile with the help of our IOS and Android apps with multiple user logins.

Ignition On/Off Alerts

It enables you to set ignition on/off alerts and give an instant notification when your driver has turned the ignition key.


Battery Unplug Alerts

Because the GPS tracker works using your automobile's battery, it instantly gives an alert in case the battery is disconnected.

Immobillizer Control

Immobilizer control ensures safety and reduces the chances of theft. It allows your vehicle to start after receiving the right code.

History Playback

It gives you an insight into 1-year history playback data about your vehicle status and movement according to the selected date and time frame.

Driver Behavior Monitoring

We help monitor your driver's behavior, such as harsh speed and braking, to minimize potential risk or damage.


Data Analytics

Keep track of the routes taken by drivers as we provide real-time data analytics that helps fleet managers to optimize routes and shipments.

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Our tracking software gives instant notification whenever the temperature of an automobile exceeds its predefined limits.

Najoom Al Thuraya is an excellent tracking agency and highly responsive. They often inform me about my vehicle's GPS location with complete reports. Great indeed!

    Mr Almas

    Almas rent a car Dubai, UAE

    Highly Recommended! The way they respond and provide service is just excellent. I can access the GPS tracker from anywhere, according to my comfort.


      Zee and Co

      Najoom Al Thuraya provides huge relaxation from my car's point of view, especially monitoring my range so that I don't have to worry about car theft. Superb job!

        Abdul Malick

        Thrifty rent a car

        Why Choose Al Thuraya Bahrain For Your Fleet Management?

        Our GPS Tracking Systems is committed to satisfying clients by providing exceptional services like geofencing, real-time automobile insight, live location monitoring, fuel consumption, safety alerts, and real-time data and analytics on commercial and personal automobiles. We don’t offer an ordinary monitoring system; our tracking devices are the pathbreaker. Our devices are imported and made in Germany. Our devices give instant mobile alerts and monitor driver behavior like harsh braking, speed, idle time, and fuel usage.


        What Is a GPS Tracking System in Vehicles?

        It is a global positioning system that allows you to monitor and control your fleet operations on tablets, cell phones, and laptops.

        Why is a GPS Tracker essential in Automobiles?

        Because it ensures safety, reduces the chances of theft or accidents, and gives real-time insight into the automobile.

        How does a GPS tracker work?

        The tracking stations control this positioning system, which picks up satellite signals and transforms them into data such as position and time.

        How to select an authentic GPS tracker?

        While selecting a GPS tracker ensure it has features such as live location monitoring, fuel usage data, driver behavior, history playbacks, and data analytics.


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