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Al Thuraya is a leading GPS vehicle tracking company with a six-year successful track record in the UAE. It is now diversifying its footprints in Bahrain. We ensure our call center team’s round-the-clock availability, dedicated customer support, and instant WhatsApp alerts. These things set us apart from other tracking companies in Bahrain. We have provided our tracking services to 30,000 vehicles in the competitive UAE market since 2019. We are a trusted partner for organizations and businesses because we are affiliated with government agencies such as Shaheen, SecurePath, Asateel, and RTA in the UAE. Now, we are thrilled to serve Bahrain. Reshape the future of navigation by joining us.

About Us

Our Success Story

As a renowned vehicle tracking service provider, we have served businesses with fleet management solutions for many years. Our cutting-edge technologies, a dedicated team, and advanced tracking devices have fueled our global growth. We started our GPS tracking company dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction. Now, we are standing at the forefront as a trusted partner for organizations nationwide.

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Company in UAE

Najoom Al Thuraya, being a preeminent vehicle tracking company, is the top choice of businesses. It is because of our advanced and flawless tracking services.

We are certified by Shaheen, SecurePath, Asateel, and RTA. It has helped us earn a reputation for authenticity, reliability, and quality service in the GPS industry.

We ensure efficient fleet operations, cost savings, vehicle safety, and route optimization. Our updated tracking services and devices help us in this regard.

We offer user-friendly mobile applications to our clients that notify you instantly whenever the vehicle exceeds a predefined range.

About Al Thuraya UAE

In the UAE marketplace, Najoom Al Thuraya has served countless businesses. We provide our tracking services across the different states of the UAE. Our advanced technologies help to keep customers updated about the movement and status of their automobiles in real-time.
We have tailored our tracking software to fulfill the requirements of our clients. We have revolutionized fleet management, logistics, and vehicle tracking. Besides this, we offer mobile application accessibility and a user-friendly interface. It keeps you updated about the driver’s behavior, monitors speed and geofencing, and gives instant alerts. We aim to deliver unique services and innovative solutions from the first day. Our GPS vehicle trackers can be installed secretly at any point in the vehicle. It helps with real-time reporting about location, speed, idle time, and vehicle status.

Al Thuraya Bahrain

Invest in a reliable GPS tracking company in Bahrain that fulfills your needs, gives you serenity and peace of mind, and optimizes overall fleet operation.

About Al Thuraya Bahrain

Learn About Our
Company in Bahrain

Al Thuraya has revolutionized the way to manage commercial fleets in Bahrain. We provide advanced features, instant WhatsApp alerts, updated software, and 24/7 customer support.

We provide vehicle tracking devices like Teltonika FMC130 and Ruptela Trace 5. These devices are imported and German-made.

We ensure safety by giving real-time vehicle insight, live location updates, speed, idle time, and data analytics.

Our tracking software offers 1-year history playback that helps you access the movement and location of your vehicle according to the selected time frame.

About Al Thuraya Bahrain

After shaping the future of tracking in the UAE, we are thrilled to announce our expansion in the beautiful landscape of Bahrain. Residents of Bahrain can entrust us because they understand our proven, successful record of delivering exceptional services. With an understanding of the dynamics of the local market, we are committed to fulfilling the changing needs of businesses in Bahrain.
We prioritize customer satisfaction by providing user-friendly mobile tracking applications, precise mapping data, and real-time vehicle insight. Because of our satisfied clients and their valuable feedback, we have introduced our polished skills and advanced services in Bahrain. Our dedicated professionals are available 24/7 to resolve customers’ queries and issues.
Our call center service helps resolve customers’ queries by providing intricate solutions and networking. We ensure peace of mind by providing exceptional GPS vehicle tracking services that help businesses in Bahrain confidently monitor their fleet operations. For more information, contact us at

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Who is Al Thuraya, and What does the company specialize in?

Al Thuraya is a vehicle tracking service provider in Bahrain that helps with fuel and temperature monitoring, real-time automobile location, fleet management and logistic tracking, and asset management.

Which vehicle tracking devices does Al Thuraya use?

We use advanced and imported devices that are made in Germany, like Teltonika FMC130 and Ruptela Trace 5.

What are the qualities of our GPS vehicle tracking app?

It provides instant alerts, monitors fuel levels, displays the automobile’s live location, has a user-friendly interface, and sends regular vehicle maintenance reminders.


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