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Best GPS Vehicle Tracking Devices in Bahrain

Ensure safety and efficiency by controlling your fleet of vehicles with our advanced and innovative GPS vehicle tracking devices in Bahrain. Monitor the exact location of your vehicles and ensure the safety of your assets with our top-notch vehicle GPS tracker.

Our GPS Devices For Fleet Vehicles

After noticing the difficulty most business owners faced managing their fleet of vehicles, Al Thuraya introduced the best GPS tracker for cars. Whether you are managing a fleet or have a personal automobile, our GPS devices ensure safety and provide peace. Our tracking devices are imported and made in Germany, so there is no chance of any flaw regarding your fleet operations. We ensure confident driving by providing innovative GPS vehicle tracking devices that are at your ease.
Besides this, installing GPS tracking devices in your vehicle is simple. These devices are available in small sizes and run using the main battery’s power. They instantly come out of the main battery whenever their power is low. At Al Thuraya, we offer reasonable prices for GPS car tracker in Bahrain (Muharraq, Manama, Al Qadam, Riffa, Arad, Isa Town, Hamad Town, Malkiya).

Motorcycle monitoring device

Bike Tracker

Stay secure and stay safe! Add a layer of protection by installing our bike tracker.

Top 7 Tips To Improve And Measure Fleet Performance

Car Tracker

Ensure the safety of your rental car. Track your vehicle and get instant Saudi-border crossing alerts.

FMC130 GPS Device For Car

It is an advanced 4G GPS device that is chargeable. It helps examine automobiles’ different GPS positions. Whether managing a fleet of vehicles or having a personal car, the innovative FMC 130 tracking device makes it easy to detect the engine’s temperature, fuel usage, speed monitoring, and odometer. Besides this, the manager can use its different features with just one controlling command.

FMC130 GPS Device For Car
GPS Tracker For Car Bahrain

Trace 5 GPS Tracker For Car

It is a global navigation satellite system-based tracking device that monitors vehicle location and fleet management. This device ensures authentic and precise data transfer and is considered the best choice for delivery services and logistics. It can resist water, dirt, and mechanical issues. It monitors whether your automobile is moving or fixed at a specific position. A small built-in battery and advanced processes are present in this device that allow user accessibility even if the internet of the user is slow. This device can also bear harsh weather conditions and be installed near the engine or the outer side of the cabin.


Which system vehicle tracking devices use to work?

It uses a global positioning system to monitor the automobile’s actual time location and transfers this information to the central server using satellite communication.

How can you detect vehicle tracking devices?

You can detect the presence of automobile monitoring devices by using a radio frequency detector, a controlling command, and a mobile app.

What is the exact place where GPS tracking devices are installed?

These devices are installed in secret areas like bumpers and dashboards and sometimes in the automobile’s onboard diagnostics II port.


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