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Have you ever wondered how courier services ensure secure and timely bike deliveries? Yes, you guessed it right: a Bike tracker is a solution. These devices use GPS technology to track courier moments. It optimizes routes, minimizes delivery time, and increases security. Use our tracking solutions to achieve customer satisfaction and efficiency like never before.

Bike Tracker
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Let’s uncover the benefits of using our tracking solutions for your bike delivery services.

  • These tiny devices are a savior if you deal with regular transport services. It improves operational efficiency and optimizes routes.
  • We ensure easy installation of these tracking devices. They could be placed on the surface of the motorcycle, including the seats or under the handles.
  • We provide a mobile app facility to our valuable customers. It enables the owners to monitor their courier vehicles anytime from anywhere.
  • It reduces the chances of theft by preventing unauthorized access. You can also restrict some specific locations by using this tracker. It sends instant alerts on your connected smart device.

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Why GPS Trackers Are Necessary For Delivery Bikes?

You should keep a GPS tracker in mind if your company is investing a huge amount in good quality motorcycles for courier service. You should always take safety precautions to protect your investment. This motorcycle monitoring system is a useful device to fight against delayed deliveries and wrong routes. Below are some key reasons that compel you to use a GPS device for your motor vehicles.
Reduce Cost Per Delivery: It ensures your delivery operations are more profitable. It reduces the overall cost by completing more deliveries within the same resources.
Enhance Safety: Its features like geofencing and real-time monitoring help you to detect unauthorized access or route deviations.
Improve Customer Satisfaction: You can provide accurate delivery time to the customers. It keeps the customers informed at every step and improves the delivery experience.

Want To Track Your Delivery Bikes In Bahrain?

Are you a delivery bikes and riders provider company in Bahrain? Companies that perform delivery services, like Talabat and Jahez, hire riders and bikes from delivery bike providers to perform their tasks. These riders fulfill their tasks using your company’s motorbikes. But isn’t it a matter of concern that you stay uninformed about your bike’s location and condition? Motorbikes are valuable investments that different delivery companies use. Because these bikes are your valuable assets, you should be aware of how they are used and their location, status, and movement. Therefore, ensuring the safety of these bikes is necessary. To ensure the safety of these bikes, you should invest in a GPS tracking system. You will find different tracking companies in Bahrain’s market. Choosing the reliable one that performs instant customer support is advised. Najoom Al Thuraya is a GPS service provider all over Bahrain. We provide advanced tracking solutions that help you to keep an eye on your motorbikes. We provide peace of mind to the bike provider companies by helping them to keep an eye on their bike anywhere, anytime.

  • Our tracking app helps in monitoring route playback. Therefore, it assists Talabat & Jahez riders to satisfy customers by ensuring the rider takes the correct route.
  • We provide instant WhatsApp alerts for emergencies like geofencing, mechanical issues, or low fuel levels.
  • We provide round-the-clock availability for our valuable clients. Besides this, you can monitor your motorbike location, speed, and movement.

Don’t leave your vehicle safety on chance. Contact Najoom Al Thuraya and enjoy our ideal solutions.


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